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Exam Results and Pointers

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brentonrule created the topic: Exam Results and Pointers

Hi Bob, (all).

Well thanks to your great study text I have now passed my CPOL Aero exam (83%). Some pointers for others to make suere that you know:

1. Anhedral wing design and effect on ailerons
2. Bernoulis theory as it relates to air flowing 'over' the top of the wing, and resultant forces
3. Parasite Drag and when/how it occurs
4. Difference between power and thrust graphs and how they relate to LD ratio, endurance, max distance etc
5. Glide performance of heavy and light aircraft
6. Aileron design and performance (lift / drag) in a spin, and also differential ailerons etc
7. Directions of Yaw caused by power, wind, torque in Tailwheel and also Tricycle design

There were several questions on wake turbulence and also climbing and descending turns.

Key message, if you know Bob's book you will pass this exam easily.

Best regards, Brenton

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bobtait replied the topic: Re: Exam Results and Pointers


That's great news, and a bloody good mark for home study! You know I find that Aerody is a subject that causes a surprising amount of trouble to students - even full-time class students. I suspect that some people try to 'learn the questions' and don't put enough time into reading the text, making their own notes and making sure that they understand the fundamentals. I'd be interested in a little more information on items 1 and 6 in your post.

Congratulations again.


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brentonrule replied the topic: More on Exam Results and Pointers

G'day Bob. I'll try and recall some more details - here goes.

1. Does an anhedral wing design improve aileron effectiveness?
2. As Bernouli states, as speed increases over the upper surface so pressure decreases, thus lift is generated by pressure differential. Their question was related to the actual pressure on 'top' of the wing.
3. There were sevarl questions on this. a) when flaps are deployed on landing b) when leaving ground effect c) in a spin (which wing)
4. This is always a doozy for me. The questions were a) lowest point on power curve = what, and b) lowest thrust on the curve = what. They also asked about what you need on takeoff to achieve a high rate of climb. Is it high power or high thrust? But they framed the question so that you had to really think about it in terms of clearing an obstacle with safe height. (they did not ask you to calculate the height, just that you needed to clear it so what is the best option?)
5. Gliding into wind, gliding without wind, and best LD ratio etc
with differing weighted aircraft.
6. Lift and Drag related to fuel consumption, max endurance, max distance and also in a spin what happens to lift and drag on each wing and why does aileron cause problems if applied too early
7. Questions on Gyroscopic, torque and prop wash over the rudder and how they affect Yaw on the ground. The question was what is happening if you Yaw to the right.

The wake turbulence questions were pretty straight forward but you do have to know the 'times to wait'. I found it best to get my head around the AIP times then remember that it is either 2 or 3 minutes depending where the 'heavy' is on the runway. They still had 5 knots as drift speed of vortices, and there was a question about the quartering tail wind.

There were a couple of other questions on Eleveator balance weights (why they work) and vortex generators (what is their purpose)

I hope this helps Bob. Again, all I can suggest to people is "understand your subject AND like most things effort in = results out"

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Collie replied the topic: Re: Exam Results and Pointers

Hey bob just wondering if your got any further info for the exams as i found last time i sat my exam was rite of the money compared to the books and the cyber exams thanks again Ben

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captainellzy replied the topic: Re: Exam Results and Pointers

Wow, sounds like the instructor rating all over again!

Well done Brenton, top mark mate, did they throw in the tricky 'initial effect of torque (is roll)' thing? Or maybe that's one of Bob's faves I remember from the book..

Any more exams to do?

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