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MEADE1990 created the topic: CADA EXAM pass

Hey folks!

So CADA is not as scary as some instructors may suggest. I'm still chasing that illusive 100% and this time I was only 2 questions off.

One question related to force's acting in a climb....

My understand is, when in the Cherokee, push throttle knob as hard as you can against panel and pull back until the sound of airspeed is overtaken by the sound of vibrations and this will result in a climb sufficient enough to get me above the houses at the town end of the strip-or the horde of suicidal Galahs at the other. Casa suggests that if IAS remains constant in a steady climb as it is in level flight that AoA will be higher, lower or constant???? Lift is less then weight, thrust greater then drag soo???

I'm hoping those with more brain cells might come to my rescue!


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BStanmore replied the topic: CADA EXAM pass

Any Update on this?

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