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CADA Exam Feedback

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BobTaitNo1Fan created the topic: CADA Exam Feedback

Hey aviators,

Recently sat the CADA exam and got 80%. Used many threads from this forum so I thought I'd give back a little to help others in the future.

Exam total was approx 40 questions and questions covered almost everything from the MOS.
1. My advice would be to know your power, thrust curves, 100% as there are around 4-5 questions regarding them in the exam (they were for me atleast.. you may get lucky). Know why the power curve relates to endurance. Know why each curve tells you the speed range it does (for eg. Why does max surplus power relate to max rate of climb).

2. Know your design features- dihedral, anhedral, sweepback wing, aspect ratio

3. Get a proper understanding of TURNING... what does a change in power do to the radius and rate of turn? Know you also know the same for angle of bank. Good to remember that WEIGHT has nothing to do with radius or rate.

4. Know your wake turb separation standards in minutes as well as the RoD for the wake. Know how to calculate the distance in altitude a vortices would have descended in x amount of time.

5. Know your stability. Positive, neutral and negative dynamic and static stabilities.

CASA's wording in this exam is particularly sneaky, so make sure you go over the exam atleast once and read every.single.word in the question. I had to change about 4 answers because I neglected to read the question fully before I clicked on an answer. One of the questions which I changed my answer to had to do with glide performance of an aircraft in a headwind. I for some reason assumed that question was asking for the change in gliding range and rate of descent for the heavier aircraft compared to a lighter aircraft.

As Bob states at the beginning of the book there is no reason you can't get 100% in the exam even without being mathematically gifted. Do all questions in the book as they prepare you for the CASA wording. All that being said Aerodynamics is a very fun subject and you shouldn't see it as daunting as it explains how these beautiful machines manage to stay up there! Have fun studying and good luck in your exams!

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: CADA Exam Feedback

Congratulations and thanks for the feedback


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