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CPL Nav Routes

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Todd created the topic: CPL Nav Routes

Hello friends and aviators.
I am soon going to be sitting my CPL flight test and I’m very interested to hear from the CPLs and aspiring CPLs out there regarding their Nav routes flown during the test, or during preparation for the test. I guess that I am most interested in flights from Moorabbin because that is where I am based but any CPL nav routes would be interesting.
Thanks in advance.

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Richard replied the topic: Re:CPL Nav Routes

Hi Todd,

My CPL flight test wasn't out of Morabbin but it might be of some interest anyway. I checked my logbook and the planned route was:

Archerfield (YBAF) - Maryborough(YMYB) - Maroochydore(YBMC) and back to YBAF.

The examiner called for a diversion before we reached YMYB though. I can't remember where to exactly but I think it might have been DCT YBMC.

We had to meet at 0630 at the clubhouse :ohmy: but I remember being totally hyped up even though I hadn't slept a wink the night before!

All went well - and wow THAT is a great feeling!

Have fun with your flight test and good luck mate! Let us know how it goes.

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bobtait replied the topic: Re:CPL Nav Routes


Your examiner will treat the test as a 'pretend' charter. He/She will expect you to treat him/her as a customer - so make sure you give an adequate pre-flight passenger brief as per the CAOs. Also don't be too timid to plan high and use the protection of CTA while giving your customer a smoother ride. There will almost always be an entry into a Class C aerodrome. There will usually be a leg to a feature with no nav aids to test your basic map reading and DR skills. You can be sure that you will get a diversion en-route, and of course some emergency procedures such as forced landing and unusual attitude recovery. In general the CPL test is very similar to the PPL test - the main difference being the level of professionalism expected. For example choosing the most cost effective way of joining the circuit at a non-towered aerodrome by thinking ahead about likely wind direction and monitoring the local traffic situation. I don't know Victoria very well so I can't give you any likely specific routes to pre-study. Let us know how you go - we'll be thinking of you.

All the best mate.

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