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SIDS confusion

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srodneyrahul created the topic: SIDS confusion

You are conducting a PERTH FIVE DEPARTURE (RADAR) from RWY 06 at PERTH, WA (YPPH), if your
climb TAS is 120 knots and there is a 20 knots headwind, which of the following rates of climb will
be the minimum to meet the requirement of the procedure?

A. 490 FPM
B. 470 FPM
C. 570 FPM
D. 410 FPM
E. 340 FPM

* Hi would the answer be
120 x 4% = 480fpm ( as its radar so dont compensate for wind)


100 x 4% = 400 fpm

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Bosi72 replied the topic: SIDS confusion

AIP ENR 1.5 para 8.1.2

So, don't compensate when being radar vectored (eg. when ATC tells you), but yes, do compensate when departure routes are expressed as tracks.
SID below showing Track 060.

Therefore, use nomograph below.

Hope this helps

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