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Passed CNAV

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baddles created the topic: Passed CNAV

Hi all
I just passed CNAV with 98% and a big sigh of relief.
A few comments and tips:
  • Bob's book is great preparation for this exam.
  • Strongly recommend getting lots of practice using the Navigation Workbook and extra practice exams. The exam has many questions requiring a numerical answer to be typed in, so you need to be accurate and confident with the calculations. Practice drills help reduce the exam nerves as well.
  • Navigation should definitely be taken after CPL Performance. The syllabus for Navigation includes fuel planning, which is covered in much greater detail in Performance. Expect several questions about fuel.
  • Expect one of every kind of problem in Bob's book - whiz wheel, ERSA, WAC, VNC, PCA and all.
  • Don't ignore the Enroute Low charts in your preparation. They have important information for areas that other charts don't cover. Pick a random regional airfield and compare the ERSA entry with the ERC information, eg airspace and frequencies. Practice looking up locations on ERC given latitude, longitude coordinates (meridians and parallels of latitude are at a jaunty angle to the chart margins).
  • Draw a picture. Even if you think you're on top of it, a picture will help confirm you've got it the right way round. It saved me a couple of times.
  • It's true, the questions really are written by Dr Seuss. Don't skip too fast over the simple-looking questions.
  • See attached - enjoy

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Passed CNAV

Congratulations Adrian

That's a great result and thanks for the feedback it's always appreciated


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