Bob Tait has applied some fairly obvious common sense principles to the production of these books.

When students begin a course of study they probably know little if anything about the subject.  

Each book in this series has been written for the student - not to impress their instructors. They assume that the reader has no prior knowledge of the subject and has no special training in physics or maths.

Education is not improved by telling students things they don't need to know. 

Rather than 'baffle you with science', the books concentrate on telling you the things you really need to know in a very simple and concise way. If you wish to delve deeper into the subject later on - that's great! While covering the requirements of the syllabus to ensure that you pass the CASA exam, the books concentrate heavily on those elements of the syllabus that are vital for your safety. They aim to give you the confidence which is so necessary to allow you to get the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment from your flying.

We humans can concentrate on only one thing at a time. 

The information is presented in small easily digestible portions, with frequent pauses for review. Each book features regular practice progress tests and practice exams. We all learn and remember best the things that are pleasant. The books are written in a relaxed conversational style which some have even described as entertaining! One of the most encouraging things about our involvement in aviation education has been the constant positive feed-back from satisfied students around Australia. If so many students have taken the trouble to sit down and send us a 'thank you' note, I guess we must be doing something right!

To download lost supplements or to update references in CASA documents, see the menu on the right for supplements and errata.


Recreational Aircraft Australia Pilot Certificate - Basic Aeronautical Knowledge and Cross Country Endorsement Textbooks


This is the first in a two volume set focussing specifically on the BAK requirements for the issue of the initial RAA Pilot Certificate. It follows a similar structure to the PPL BAK volume but it has been completely revised to be more relevant to the RAA student pilot with additional sections included to cover RAA specific material.

RAA - Cross Country Endorsement:

The second volume covers the information required to satisfy the syllabus requirements of the RAA Cross Country endorsement and provides a sound theory basis for your future navigation adventures!


The PPL cyber exam is covered by two volumes.

The RPL/PPL Volume 1 book prepares the student for the RPL exam prior to the conduct of the RPL flight test.  The RPL/PPL Volume 2 book takes over where Volume 1 left off. It adds extra material in Performance and introduces Meteorology and Navigation. Both of these volumes contain hundreds of sample questions along with progress tests and practice exams.



The CPL cyber exams are covered by seven separate books - one for each of the cyber exams.

Each of these books is regularly revised to ensure that it remains relevant to CASA's constantly changing references and procedures.To assist in the students final preparation for the CASA cyber exams, Bob Tait's Aviation Theory School has produced a series of practice cyber exams which are available over the internet. These exams have been designed as a preparation for attempting the actual CASA Exams. Each Exam Prep consists of 3 untimed Practice Exams plus one timed Exam which allows exactly the same time as the actual CASA Exam. You can also purchase exams and marking credits in the online store.

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