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You've probably heard of Bob Tait's Cyber Exams. Well we've listened to feedback from students and have completely revised the old Cyber-Exam format to produce the new Exam Prep modules. These new online exams offer some exciting new changes to give you that extra edge while studying for your CASA exams.


Check out the new features:


Exam attempts can be reviewed with answers. Too many students felt the CASA style KDR didn't give them enough information to see where they went wrong. So, we dropped the old KDR feedback format. Now with Exam Preps, you can examine your exam attempt in detail and go through the questions one by one and see exactly where you went wrong.


At last the practice exams are platform independent. You can access them from any web browser on any platform. Now you can use your Mac to access the online Exams. You can even turn your smartphone or iPad into a portable exam station.

Complete integration with the Bob Tait's Online School. You can access your Exam Prep modules, E-Text subscriptions and online courses all from your Course overview page at the online school.


New streamlined presentation. We have moved away from cloning the visual presentation of the CASA / ASL exam program in favour of a new interface that makes it easier to use the exams especially on portable devices.

Expanded question bank. Bob has just finished nearly 200 Aerodynamics questions which will be flowing into the Exam Prep question bank. More questions will be appearing for the other subjects too.


Just as in the old cyber exams, purchasing an exam prep module gives you access to four different randomised exams. Now though, the first three are so-called "open exams" which have no enforced time limit so you can save your working and finish the exam over several sessions. The fourth exam however is a timed exam and must be completed in a single sitting within the same time limit as the real CASA exam.


If you still want more practice, you can also purchase Extra Access to three individual attempts at a randomised exam which draws questions from the entire question bank. Just as with the "extra credits" in the old cyber exams, these attempts will contain questions you saw in the other four exams but each attempt creates a random selection of questions. You can be sure none of the attempts will be the same so you can practice your exam technique and make sure you have a solid understanding of the subject.


The Exam Prep modules are priced out the same as the old cyber exams but can now be used as an integral part of your exam preparation no matter your platform or what device you are using.


For more information please visit the online school at Bob Tait: Online (link opens in a new window) and all products are available in the Online Store.

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