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Spring is coming!

  • Mister W
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Mister W created the topic: Spring is coming!

Hi all,
With spring just around the corner, I thought I would share this picture (and the story behind it) with you.

This birds nest was found by a couple of my students while pre flight inspecting a Seneca before we went out flying. We had the cowlings off in the morning for an oil change before we went flying. We came back, de briefed, had a cuppa ,briefed the next flight (next student) and returned to find that the birds had made this in between flights over a couple of hours.

Take care checking aircraft before flight over the Spring months. Even if you have flown already!

Mister W.

Bye the way. This stuff was quite warm from the engine still having some temperature in it. Wouldn't take much for it to go WOOF! Long taxi or stuck at a holding point for instances.

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  • Aviatordan
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Aviatordan replied the topic: Spring is coming!

Another view on spring! A little Plover, whom I named Pete, made a nest right beside the runway. Here's him ready to take on the plane as I taxi past.

So for whatever reason it won't let me attach the video.

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Richard replied the topic: Spring is coming!

Hi Dan

You can't attach a video but you can include a link to one (e.g. on YouTube). Try the video button in the "Boardcode" toolbar when you click the "Reply" button. Those plovers are gutsy little devils. We have them facing down aircraft here at Redcliffe as well :)



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