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My PM, just for other people to reference and contribute;

The main law documents you will need to reference are:

CAO - Civil aviation orders
CAR - Civil Aviation Regulations
CASR - Civil Aviation Safety Regulations

CASA is in the process of amalgamating the CAO and CAR into one document, the CASR. However, at the moment, this means we have 3 documents. The only thing that has been converted into the CASR is part 61, which is all about licencing requirements, privileges and limitations. Everything else is scattered between the CAO and CAR. There is also a small, binded book you can buy called the AIP (Aeronautical information package), this is put together by Air Services as a quick reference. It amalgamates all the CASA law into one book, just like the FAA has. The other book you will want is the ERSA (En-Route Supplement Australia), this is required to be carried on flights and has all the registered aerodrome info for all of Australia as-well as conversion charts/tables, last light charts etc that you may need in the law exam, as-well as other exams. There are also some charts and maps you will need, but I'll mention that later.

As you can see, it's quite a mess, but the CASA law exam is quite specific, so you can do a bit of prep to have yourself prepared.

This is what I would do if I were you, and in this order:
1. Get your hands on the Bob Tait law extract, prepare and bind it. This will cut out a lot of confusion for you as it takes the CAR, CASR and CAO and cuts out the bits that CASA uses for the CPL law exam. Contact Bob by phone or email and he will happily email you the latest copy. The only issue with the extract is it comes with no index, or a custom index that is not permitted by CASA into the exam. When I got the latest version of it last year, it had a custom made index that listed the sections and titles, this is not allowed by CASA into the exams, so what I did was go online and print out the index and highlight the parts that I had, then made sure those parts were in order. For the CAO, which has no index, I just used a highlighter to highlight the main titles to catch my eye when flicking through. For the CAO, you can also have custom dividers to divide up the sections. I used 1 folder for my law extract and put the CAO in the middle, using dividers at each end to also separate it from the CAR and CASR.
2. Get the AIP, ERSA and the CASA exam charts.
3. Do the Bob Tait online law exams. Costs $55 for 4 exams, but it is well worth it and far cheaper than having to resit the exam,. When you review your results, it will give you the answers and where in the extract, AIP or ERSA to find them. This will really help you commit the basics to memory, help you orientate yourself around the documents and leave you confident in knowing where to reference so you are not stressed or pushed for time in the real exam.
4. Book and sit the exam once you are confident.

So, to take into the exam:
- Binded Bob Tait law extract with highlighting, manually printed and highlighted index sections and CAO dividers
- AIP (with page tags - 15 max)
- ERSA (with page tags - 5 max)
- Charts (AUS PCA, ERC LOW 1/2 and 3/4 only (2 ERC Lows), Hobart/Launceston VTC,
Brisbane-Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast VTC)
These charts are listed as permitted materials for CPL law exam and you may get questions that reference specific parts of the chart and you will be lost without them, but nothing too technical is done with the charts in the law exam, but they are the same charts for other exams where you will use them more intensively.

1 more tip - Make sure you know exactly where to flick to when a question comes up about things like:
- Flight and duty time limitations
- Airspace classifications, separation and meteorological minimums for VFR
- Privileges and limitations of CASA CPL
- Fuel requirements for different types of flights (pvt vs chtr) and refueling rules
- etc. (you will pick up more when you do the Bob Tait Practice exam)

Check out these links and references:
Permitted marking, tagging, dividing etc. for documents taken into CASA exams:
Permitted material for each CPL exam:
Bob Tait Online Exams:

Don't be overwhelmed by all this, the way CASA has the law documented is a mess and no one expects you to properly understand it. If you just get the ball rolling with acquiring the Bob Tait Law extract and doing the practice exams things will start to make way more sense

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Thank you. Thats really detailed and very helpful. Much appreciated.

Best Regards,


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