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IREX thoughts & tips

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crwrbr created the topic: IREX thoughts & tips

Many thanks to Bob and Co for the IREX self study guide. I passed my IREX today with a high 90's grade following 6 weeks of intensive home study. I'm sure it could be completed earlier, but my 64 year old brain needed as much time to prepare but, more importantly, understand the processes. The study guide certainly achieved that for me.

On the IREX, previous comments regarding tagging, underlining and binding are still relevant in March 2021.

Exam questions were grouped by topic. I liked that approach. It grouped my thought processes nicely.

Like the BT questions, ERC numbers were helpfully given at the start of questions.

The time allowance is generous, but then I was very happy navigating the AIP. I completed in a similar time to the four online practice exams that BT offers, about 2 1/2 hours.

It was much less of an English test than I was expecting. The questions left little ambiguity. If you can navigate the BT questions, following the CASA questions is much more straightforward. I did resolve to answer the question exactly as was posed, and not my interpretation of what I thought they were seeking.

As an aside, reviewing the BT course material, I felt very well prepared. However, to get to that point was sometimes a journey of frustration. I can understand the AIP references would be impossible to keep up to date, and that is a given. Forum chit-chat going back a number of years has highlighted inaccuracies in some online exam prep questions. I understand that Stuart has now addressed the questions I recently queried.

Frustrations in the guide would include TAFs with horribly incorrect DTGs, with random cloud groupings used throughout the examples. Questions relate to BNE 01/19, where of course there are now parallel runways. These are just a small selection of the points that could be reviewed and perhaps corrected.

Looking back I wondered if the inaccuracies were deliberate? Their presence certainly made me very cautious and forced me to find the complete answer for myself in an otherwise excellent study guide.

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: IREX thoughts & tips

Congratulations that's a great result

Thank you for the feedback, we do our best to stay ahead of the AIP changes it's a never ending challenge, we will review your concerns about the guide and endeavour to keep it up to date.


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