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Decoding METAR

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Jas created the topic: Decoding METAR

Hi all/Bob Tait,

When we decode METAR rainfall section

RMK RF02.0/002.0

Its understandable that 2mm rainfall has been recorded in the last 10mins but why no other rainfall has been fallen since 9.00 local time? Isn't the right decoding will be 2mm rainfall since 9.00 local time ?

Do we normally neglect 002.0 ?

Thanks in advance
Any help in clearing my query would be so great

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bobtait replied the topic: Decoding METAR

Here is a decode from the BOM web page. The first group always indicates rainfall in the last 10 minutes (that gives you an idea of rainfall immediately prior to your arrival). The second group indicates total rainfall since 9.00am local time. That includes the last 10 minutes. The example you give indicates that the only rainfall recorded since 9.00 am occurred in the last 10 minutes. minutes.
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