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Ash2000 created the topic: TAF3 OPR

Please see attached Coolangatta TAF3 question on the bottom of Page 150 (ETA 1345 question), I'm not sure I agree with any of the options provided

Shouldn't the answer be:
fuel to proceed to an alternate or 60 mins holding fuel is required

Per the TAF3 forecast, the PROB30 for TS is endorsed with a TEMPO. Therefore, wouldn't the PIC have both alternate and holding options available to him/her? (per ENR 1.1 para

If the 'TEMPO' was not present, I would agree with option
(a) fuel to proceed to an alternate is required
Since without the 'TEMPO', the PROB30 forecast would meet the conditions of ENR 1.1 para (d), where the PIC MUST provide for a suitable alternate aerodrome.

If anyone could confirm or point out anything I missed in my thoughts above, that would be really appreciated.
Thank you :)

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