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Roy's Orchards

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baddles created the topic: Roy's Orchards

Hello all,
I'm following Bob's wise advice to get to know the airspace charts well in preparation for the CNAV exam.
One thing puzzles me:

On the Sunshine Coast VTC there is an area just north of Bribie Island (S 26 52, E 153 07) labelled "Roy's Orchards" (in capitals). See the image attached. The area is a rectangle, about 2 x 1 nm, filled-in with closely-spaced diagonal line shading. The label and the shading are drawn in the same purple colour and font that is used for VFR reporting points. As far as I can make out, this is not a VFR reporting point and is not mentioned in ERSA, etc.

What should I make of this? Is it just a feature for reference in visual navigation? Or are there airspace restrictions? Could it be a 'check point when requested by ATC' (mentioned on the chart legend)? It's disconcerting that the chart legend doesn't help.

This is one of the charts required for the exam.

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Qfly replied the topic: Roy's Orchards

It's just a feature for visual navigation, mostly used by aircraft inbound YCDR (Caloundra) from the south. Treat it like a reporting point inbound on the YCDR CTAF (125.85). I'd also doubt that ATC would ever really ask you to "report" at this feature, more likely the VFR approach points and/or check points north of this feature. There are also no restrictions over this feature except that you can go up to 4500ft without a clearance, and 7500ft just north of it. Also note it has the danger area D629C from the SFC (surface) to 3500ft in that area.

Hope this is helpful :)
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