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Passed CNAV - my tips

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Thanks to Bob and the book I was well prepared for this exam.

Dont underestimate this exam. You need to make sure that you understand the concepts and don't just write learn the sample exams from the books. If you understand the concepts then you will not have any troubles.

Dont just hammer of into answering the question, read it carefully. A lot of the questions had data in the question that was completely irrelevant to the calculation of the answer and it is super easy to read the data given and remember a similar question from the sample exams and then head off in a completely different direction and answer the wrong question. For example, I think one question was something like you are flying from A to B on a certain day, it gave the Long and Lat of both A and B and it gave the flight time from A to B of say 3 hours and then asked you to calculate the end of daylight at B. Most would have launched into trying to calculate the last time of departure from A given end of daylight at B (-10min) but that was not the question. Just work out the EoD at B.

I cant remember the question exactly but it said something like you are flying from A to B and it gave flight time and long and lat for both A and B. Both A and B were on the same Longitude. It provided the Begining of Daylight in LMT at A and asked what was the LMT at B at that time. As they were both on the same longitude the LMT at A is the same as the LMT at B. It was not asking for the BOD at B, it was not asking the ETA at B. It gave you all unnecessary information so you had to understand the concepts and read the question.

Do a reality check on the answer to make sure it looks correct. On one of my time to hold at destination questions I had more fuel in my tanks at the destination than what I started with and had a huge holding time at the destination, that didnt make sense. Turns out I added all the fuel instead of deducting it.

I will reiterate what others have said about drawing diagrams even if you think you understand the question. I sat there looking at a drif question and none of the answers made any sense to me until I drew a diagram and realised the heading flown was 5deg left of FPT and the TMG was 6deg right of FPT. Was obvious after drawing a diagram. Drift was 11deg R.

Finally attempt all the multi score questions first. I learnt this the hard way with the performance exam, you don't want to get to a multi mark question with 15 minutes to go and have to run through multi level calculations to get to a single number. You can always go back to the 1 point multi guess questions and hammer through them in the last 15 minutes without too much stress. The multi mark questions make up more than 50% of the marks in the exam, get all those right and you can afford to drop a couple of marks on a multi guess.

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bobtait replied the topic: Passed CNAV - my tips

Congratulations! Another one in the bag....


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