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Flight planning question

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pauldeegan created the topic: Flight planning question

Hi everyone

Say you do alot of flying in the bush and you have a satellite phone so you can use Metbrief (Dectalk) whenever you like for weather. How do you get notams? if you don't have the internet of have a fax machine? If you want to submit a flight plan can you also do that over the phone?


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  • benharris10

benharris10 replied the topic: Re:Flight planning question

G'day Paul

Good Questions

Absolutely. In fact there are four ways listed in the AIP that you can submit a flight plan to ATS. They are -

• via pilot access to NAIPS ( We are out bush so will assume we don't have access)
• in writing via AVFAX ( Same as above)
• by telephone ( This one we can do seeing as we have a satellite phone)
• by radio to Flight Watch.. ( We could also do this)

Keep in mind though that we are only REQUIRED to lodge a flight plan if we are intending to operate in controlled airspace (Except for VFR flights in class E). So if you were operating from a bush strip back into the same or a different bush strip, if you were VFR then you wouldn't have to submit a flight plan at all. That being said your company would probably have a policy on either a SARTIME submission or a flight note - see here for a flight note www.airservicesaustralia.com.au/publicat...aip/enr/11023-24.pdf

However if you were flying from say Birdsville into the Gold Coast, the Gold Coast being a control zone - you would need to submit a plan. The easiest way to do this is you were out bush would be to to fill out this form -

Available here - AIP ENR 1.10 Appendix 1

Then call the briefing office on 1800 805 150 and they will take the details and submit the flight plan for you over the phone.
You can even obtain any relevant Notams from the briefing staff on that phone number. Only downside is that long distance call charges apply (Boooooo!)

If your bored and can't sleep at night.... There's some information in the link below about pre-flight planning and requirements.

AIP ENR 1.10

Hope this helps!


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