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problem understanding the concept

  • ryankyle01
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ryankyle01 created the topic: problem understanding the concept

hello everyone..I recently sat for my performance exam and failed with 68%.I realize that i didn't really understand the concept..for instance the cog..what happens when fuel is burnt..COg moves forward,aft..??i really cant get the concept..can anyone pls tell or what is the best thing to do with my problem or where can i find some diagrams which will help me understand..I had 8 questions wrong in my KDR,in which 4 from weight and balance
3 PNr questions and one t/off and landing..I have re-booked my exam for next week..any idea how i can ace it this time?

thank you for your time

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  • captainellzy

captainellzy replied the topic: Re: problem understanding the concept

Hey ryankyle,

I feel your pain mate, I had a couple of goes at this one, she's a toughie.

I'll try explain it as I see it. What you need to think of is, where is the fuel in relation to the CoG? From memory.. and it should be, aft of CoG. So when there is LESS weight AFT, there is (relatively) MORE weight FWD, ie. the CoG moves forward. If you were to sit a couple of people on the tail, there is now more weight AFT and therefore the CoG moves AFT.


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