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I passed

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simsim created the topic: I passed

Hey Guy,

Sorry for late post, but I passed the exam with 80% on first attempt on 26th July in the Sydney ASL centre. I was quite happy with result but could have been a little better.

Tips for everyone studying this topic is to read the book throughly, don’t just focus on ECHO part of subject as everything in the exam is just not on echo. I had few fuel questions and 6 questions on ETP and PNR, and 1 question each on all the takeoff and landing chart, 6 questions basic knowledge (Density Height, Pressure Height, What will happen to take off roll when temp increased, How is VTOSS affected by at Take off - IAS or TAS, and etc), and reset were on shifting weight, adding and subtracting.

Wrong Questions I failed on: I did get 2 questions (1 Question each) wrong on ETP & PNR which was at 2 marks per question and shifting weight which was 3 mark question and wrong question on one of the take off charts which was worth 2 marks at top of my head.

Other than that it is doable, but at same time stressful.

I have two more exams to go which is NAV and Air Law and onto finishing my hours prior to flying test!

ATPL here I come...

Thanks Bob and Richard for assisting me in my question leading up to the exam, your assistance was much appreciated.


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  • Richard

Richard replied the topic: Re: I passed

Hey Sarmad!

Congrats on your performance pass (even though it was a while ago!). How are you getting on with your last two subjects and the flight test? Have you knocked out the CPL yet?



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