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Relationship between LDA & TORA

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Striker_03 created the topic: Relationship between LDA & TORA

Hi all,

Just wondering what the relationship between LDA and TORA is...?

I understand the meaning of each term, but was curious if TORA is given as 1300m with no clearway, and at the end of TORA a displaced section of rwy approximately 40m. Would this make a difference to TODA...?

Has anyone come across this type of question in the Performance exam...?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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bobtait replied the topic: Re: Relationship between LDA & TORA

TODA amd TORA are both measured and declared by surveyors. It's not up to the pilot to determine either. If ERSA indicated that TORA was 1300m and there was no clearway declared, then TODA would also be 1300m. The existance of an extra 40m section at the end of TORA would have no effect on that. It's up to the surveyors to take that into account.

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