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Performance balast fuel

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sivakumar created the topic: Performance balast fuel

Hi Bob,
Your books are the best and i just have my performance exam pending.Anyways i came across a question which asks for the mim amount of balast fuel req in the main tanks to bring it within the c of g limits and also gives a min fuel of 140 kgs.My question is if im checking the c of g limit and adding the balast to the ZFW then why would i need the min fuel req?What is the use of min fuel req?Plz help me through this.
Thank you

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bobtait replied the topic: Re: Performance balast fuel

Actually you are quite correct when you say that the minimum fuel required will have nothing to do with the balance condition at ZFW. In that question I asked for the minimum fuel required for the flight simply as a revision of fuel calculations. It will have no effect on the calculation of ballast fuel required. For the Echo, if the aircraft is on the aft limit at ZFW with the ballast fuel added, you can be sure that any fuel you add after that will never create a balance problem. All the best with your exam - please let us know how you go....

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