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Aviatordan created the topic: Loading the Echo

G'day Bob,

Just wondering if lateral balance ever comes in to play? Does the manufacturer take in to account the lateral balance when considering the maximum weight allowed in each station?

I mean, you would have to be pretty daft to do so, but what if someone filled the left main to capacity, filled the left wing locker to capacity and left the right hand side of the plane empty? Surely that would have some effect on balance?


Dan :)

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bobtait replied the topic: Re: Loading the Echo

No lateral balance is not a significant problem for fixed wing aircraft. The main issue with centre of gravity position is its relationship with centre of pressure and the effect that the lift/weight couple has on longitudinal stability. It would be true that if all of the weight was placed on one side as you describe, there would be a need to fly with aileron deflected to keep the wings level, but that would not give rise to a control problem - although it might make landing in a strong cross wind from the right interesting.

By the way, helicopters do have an issue with lateral balance.

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