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Final CPL exam done & review

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tomcataviator created the topic: Final CPL exam done & review

Wow! I am so excited to be done with my CPL exams I can hardly sit still, it's been a heavy duty 6 months, full time work, planning a wedding and CPL theory!
Well today I sat Air Law first up, passed that one no problems, then sat Perf, got through the exam ok, it wasn't as scary as I thought, but you definitely need to be well rested and clear of mind!
I have found the reviews to be very helpful on here so I thought I'd contribute what I can remember! :)

The first 10 or so questions were all on definitions, density height, TODA, calculating TORA with displaced thresholds and the like. (1 markers)
Next up were PNR questions, about 3, 2 of them asking for distance to PNR not time to. Then onto some relatively straightforward fuel calculations, on a CHRTR from here to there etc (2 markers)

Weight to shift, minimum fuel as ballast ( 2 of these), MAC and Floor loading intensity were all featured.

I had 2 questions on the Alpha, 2 on the Charlie and about 6 on the ECHO, all variations on the exercises in the book. (3 markers)

As soon as the examiner logged me on, I wrote down all my formulas, whilst I had a clear head and before that clock started to stress me out! I finished up with about 20min to spare and am very happy with the result!

God luck, thanks for all the posts and answers to my questions! See you all at IREX then off to AFT!

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  • Richard

Richard replied the topic: Re: Final CPL exam done & review

:woohoo: Well done and congratulations on finishing up all the CPL subjects. It sure is a great feeling! Good luck with the next round and thanks for the exam review.



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