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Exam prep question typo.

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Airspeed created the topic: Exam prep question typo.

In one of the exam prep tests. the questions give the following.

Refer to page 18 of the work booklet.

Loading data for a given flight in an Echo aeroplane are -

Basic empty aircraft weight.........1970 kg
Basic empty moment index............480
Load in forward compartment.........50 kg
Pilot and three passengers loaded in the front and middle rows
All persons weigh 77 kg

The maximum fuel that may now be loaded in the main tanks only is closest to -
Select one:
45 kg Incorrect
180 gals
100 gals
33 gals

It looks like there is a typo in the answer. It has the main tank of 90kg, but uses the BEW 1970, instead of the ZFW totals including the PC and PIlot 2328. See attached.

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John.Heddles replied the topic: Exam prep question typo.

Just a simple typo - the sums, otherwise, are OK.

The answer is a bit over 34G, so 33G fits the bill.

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