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ECHO Question

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nickr created the topic: ECHO Question

Hi Bob, Just wondering how to tackle the following question.

An ECHO aircraft has a basic empty weight of 1963kg and 490.75 index units

Row 1 Pilot and passenger, 77kg each
Row 2 two pax 77kg each
Row 3 two pax 77kg each
Nose 9 5kg packets
Wing comp 4 10kg packets
Rear comp 8 10kg packets

The minimum number of packets that must be removed to ensure that the centre of gravity remains within limits at all stages of flight is:


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bobtait replied the topic: Re: ECHO Question

Do a load sheet to ZFW.

Total weight at ZFW = 2590
Total moment at ZFW = 699.5
Present CofG = 6995000 ÷ 2590 = 2701mm
Shift in CofG required = 2701 - 2680 = 21mm

The question asks for the minimum number of packets to be removed so you would remove them from the rear compartment.

Weight to remove = 2590 x 21 ÷ 2320 [the difference between the required CofG and the rear compartment arm]= 23kg

So you need to remove 3 x 10kg packets.

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